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Sea Dragon Scroll  July 2021

This scroll was given to Ercole de Pavonis by Eckehard and Jane, King and Queen of Atlantia, to honor his entry into the Order of the Sea Dragon on the 17th day of July, AS LVI, at the St. Paddy’s Day Bloodbath in July, in the Barony of Ponte Alto.

Sea Dragon Ercole de Pavonis AS LVI_edited.jpg
Sea Dragon Scroll for Ercole de Pavonis


The calligraphy for this scroll was done on pergamentata with iron oak gall ink, using C-4 and C-5 nibs. The illumination was done with a combination of watercolor and gouache pigments, mixed using powdered pigments, gum arabic, whiting chalk. The gold is a mica-based watercolor. 


Exemplar for Illumination: Add. MS 34294, v. 1, folio 54r. (Sforza Book of Hours, British Library)

Sforza Book of Hours
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