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Stierbach Fencing Cloak Cover Pic 1.jpeg

Tudor lady's ensemble

(click for images of this gown

in progress)

gollar on Auntie Grizelda finished.jpeg

Laurel Gollar for Aibhilin inghean Daibidh

(click for images of this gollar in progress)

finished cloak hall cropped.jpeg

Stierbach fencing cloak

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Tuornabuoni Gown

Pelican cloak for Briana Morgan of the Valley

(click for images of this cloak

in progress)

C at AnS Pennsic XLIX_edited.jpg

Reproduction of gown from Portrait of Giovanna Turnabuoni

by Dominico Ghirlandaio

Heraldic Cotehardie

Green Cotehardie

Cranberry linen kirtle, blue linen kirtle, linen smocks

Tudor Ensembles

C at WA _edited.jpg
Consort Anon Ren Fair 2017_edited.jpg
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