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Laurel Gollar

for Mistress Aibhilin inghean Daibidh

Materials: black wool broadcloth, teal silk taffeta, black silk taffeta, black velvet ribbon, wrapped hooks and eyes

Folder for gollar stencil.jpeg
gollar on Auntie Grizelda finished.jpeg
Material for gollar_edited.jpg
gollar pattern front.jpeg
gollar pattern back.jpeg
Creating Stencil for Aibhilin gollar.jpeg

Muslin pattern drafted on a pattern sent to me and to Aibhilin by Mistress Amie Sparrow. Aibhilin and I talked via Zoom, and made adjustments on her pattern to make it fit well, which I mirrored on my end.

Laurel leaves pattern, cut from a folder

gollar laurel leaves on silk.jpeg
gollar back pieces showing cut_edited.jpg
gollar showing stitches on leaves.jpeg
gollar showing stiches on back of silk.jpeg
Stencil for Aibhilin gollar.jpeg
gollar front pieces showing cut_edited.jpg
edging tool for silk_edited.jpg
measurements for bands for gollar.jpeg
first band pinned_edited.jpg
three bands in place_edited.jpg
gollar front closeup joining_edited.jpg
gollar finished front 2.jpeg
gollar finished back.jpeg
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