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Persona Challenge 2022

Cynthia Argyrou of Delos

The Kingdom of Atlantia has created a challenge to develop a new persona or expand their current persona, by creating four items that that person would have used or had. This challenge is being held during the reign of Cuan and Adelhait. The items are to be displayed at four events throughout their reign: Spring Coronation, Spring Crown, Pennsic, and Fall Coronation.


I have chosen to explore a Greek persona of the late Classical/Early Hellenistic Period, around the 4th century BCE.

As I complete each item, I will add pictures and documentation for each. 

Silks for Chiton and Himation Edges.jpg

Item 1: Chiton and Himation
(Work in Progress)

This silk will be used to create a chiton and a himation for Cynthia Argyrou to wear. Silk was available in Greece by the 4th century BCE, although it was usually used only for the weft, with linen for the warp. Purple was an expensive dye, but available, using purpura shell-fish among other methods.  Blue was made using either woad or indigo. The color of neither of these fabrics is created using natural dyes of the time, but they are not dissimilar to colors made using those dyes.

The decorations along the edges of Greek clothing was most likely woven, as is found in these saree silks, rather than added as separate trim. Clothing pieces were woven, rather than cut to shape, and all edges would have been a selvage.

Item 2: Pottery
(work in progress)

This will be a hand-built piece of pottery, probably in the shape of a hydria, an aphoriskoi (little amphora) or possibly a komast or stemless cup. As I have little to no experience with pottery, the shape will probably be determined by what I am most easily able to produce. Most pottery of this time was made on the wheel, but, again, as a newcomer to clay, I will likely be building mine by hand. 

Greek Pottery Shape Examples jpg.jpg

Item 3: Mosaic Jewelry Box
(work in progress)

Mosaic decorations are prevalent in Ancient Greek art and architecture, and some of the most famous are found on the isle of Delos. I plan to simulate the pebble or tile used in floor mosaics by using small pieces of pre-colored paper. The design will likely incorporate a cat and/or musical instruments or musicians. 

Item 4: Calligraphed Text

in Greek Style
(work in progress)

I plan to write a short original piece, either poetry or perhaps a monologue, in the style of either Aristophanes or Menander, and then calligraph it on as close as I can find to papyrus. I will likely be transliterating the text using the Greek alphabet. 

Papyri_Graecae c. 2nd century bce.jpeg
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