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Opal for Guy O Laochdha 11-2021_edited.jpg

Opal Scroll - November 2021

This scroll was given to Guy O Laochdha by Eckehard and Jane, King and Queen of Atlantia, to induct him into the  Order of the Opal on the 13th day of November A. S.  LVI at the Highland Havoc in the Barony of Highland Foorde


This scroll was calligraphed on pergamenata using iron oak gall ink, with a Speedball C-5 nib. The illumination was done with a combination of commercially prepared gouache paints and gouache paints made with pigment powders, whiting chalk, gum arabic, and clove oil. The gold is watercolor.


Book of Kells, TrinityCollege, Dublin, MS 58 c. 9th Century

Border : folio 114v
Initial P: folio 34r
Hand (adapted) folio 8v

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