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Silver Osprey - October 2020

This was a backlog scroll to honor the Silver Osprey award given to Asgeir Vigsterkr by Amos and Kara, King and Queen of Atlantia on the seventh day of October A.S, LII  at the Fall Coronation in the Shire of Border Vale Keep.

Scroll in Runes


This scroll was calligraphed on pergamenata using a paintbrush and iron oak gall and red ink (Windsor & Newton). The illumination was done with a combination of  commercially prepared gouache paints and gouache created from powdered pigments, whiting chalk, egg glair, gum arabic, and clove oil.

GKS 1005 folio 145r.jpg


Illumination: Flateyjarbók, 14th century: GKS 1005, folio 145r. 

Runic Letters: Elder Futhark, c. 2nd Century CE. 

GKS 1005 folio 145r.jpg
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