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Painted Pavilion

This 16 x 16 Regent Pavilion by Panther Primitives was our SCA Camping home for three years, and we loved it.

We painted the dags, and some floor pieces.

...we have since obtained a larger pavilion, which, of course, we will also be painting.

Pavilion setup -  Ruby Joust
PaintedBack of  Panther 16 X 16 Regent Pavilion
Interior at Ruby Joust
Interior 2 - Ruby Joust
On the Porch - Pennsic XLVII
Pennsic XLVII
Pavilion floor design.jpeg
Pavilion dags painted 1.jpeg
Pavilion dag design
Pavilion before painting_edited.jpg
Pavilion floor section
Pavilion dags painted -
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